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SmartLog Pro™

SmartLog Pro™

ESD Results at Your Fingertips

SmartLog Pro®     Turnstiles     Accessories     Software


SmartLog Pro® 50780

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The SmartLog Pro® verifies the functionality of an operator’s wrist strap and footwear, logs the test results, and controls access to an ESD Protected Area.

All operator test activity is logged into a database to meet the ANSI/ESD S20.20 requirement for “Compliance verification records shall be established and maintained” and for on-going quality control purposes.

Each log entry includes operator identification, test results, resistance measurements, time, temperature and humidity.

Operator identification and access control is performed using the embedded HID OMNIKEY® proximity reader, barcode reader or touchscreen keypad.

Access control to an ESD Protected Area can be further enforced by using the relay terminal on the SmartLog Pro®. It can be connected to an electronic door lock or turnstile to grant access only to those who have passed their pre-defined ESD tests.


SmartLog Pro® System

50780 Key

SmartLog Pro® Software TEAM5 Software
• Monitors the ESD status of operators and the
  network connectivity of SmartLogs
• ESD status reports available via e-mail or web
• Data synchronization between personnel databases
• E-mailed notifications of software or operator failures
• Compatible with all Windows operating systems
• Desktop and server installation packages available
• Annual service agreement included

SmartLog Pro® Software Example

Eliminates Paper Logs

SmartLog Pro® Software

Paperless data can enhance operator accountability, immediately identifying
problems while reducing logging and
auditing costs. Paper log systems can
initially be effective but have proven to be inaccurate and ignored over time.

Paper log systems are also limited to what information is documented and poses the following questions:

• Do your paper logs show any failures?
• How many failed tests were conducted prior
  to the written passed result?

50780 Key

Hardware Features
A.  5" Color Touchscreen Display
B.  CCD Barcode Scanner
C.  HID OMNIKEY® Proximity Reader
D.  Solid-State Test Switch
E.  Single-Wire and Dual-Wire
     Wrist Strap Connections
F.  Dual Foot Plate

SmartLog Pro® User Interface Offers 3 Ways to Identify Yourself

SmartLog Pro® Proximity

Proximity Reader
• Embedded HID OMNIKEY
  Proximity reader
• iCLASS® and HID Prox® ready
• Programmable with most proximity
  badge formats

SmartLog Pro® Barcode

    Barcode Scanner
    • Embedded CCD Barcode scanner
    • Reads code 39 and 128
    • Programmable with most barcode
      badge symbologies


SmartLog Pro® Keypad

• 9 digit numeric keypad
• Alternative operator identification if
  barcode/proximity card is misplaced
• Can be disabled to enforce Barcode/
  Proximity scanning

SmartLog Pro® Wrist Strap Testing Features
• Simultaneous testing of the worn wrist strap and foot
  grounders in less than 2 seconds
• Records results for each foot grounder and each conductor
  in single-wire and dual-wire wrist straps
• Digitally programmable test limits
• Compatible with EMIT 50755 ESD Glove Test Fixture for
  testing ESD gloves and finger cots
• Dual foot plate design independently tests each foot grounder
• ESD garments may be tested using the wrist strap jacks

SmartLog Pro® Testing

SmartLog Pro® Touchscreen User Interface

SmartLog Pro® Name

A. Operator name
B. Test requirement
C. Test requirement symbol

SmartLog Pro® Resistor

Resistance Measurement
• Records measurements of each
  conductor in single-wire and
  dual-wire wrist straps
• Records measurements of each
  foot grounder

SmartLog Pro® Color

Visual and Audible Test Results
• Green signifies PASS conditions
  and red signifies FAIL conditions
• Unique audible tones for PASS
  and FAIL

SmartLog Pro® Humidity

Temperature and Relative Humidity
• Measurements are sampled
  every 5 minutes and displayed
  on the status bar
• Values are captured with
  every completed ESD test


SmartLog Pro® Relay Terminal

                              Two Embedded Output Relay Terminals
                              • Pairs with a turnstile, automatic door or other locking system to
                                control access to ESD Protected Areas.
                              • Click HERE for the complete turnstile offering


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