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770121-SMP WEB APP

770121-SMP WEB APP 770121-SMP WEB APP 770121-SMP WEB APP 770121-SMP WEB APP 770121-SMP WEB APP              

770121 - SMP WEB APP

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  • The Static Management Program software is designed to be used with the Ground Master Monitor (770044), EM Aware Monitor (770066), WS Aware Monitor (770068) and the Ion Pro™ Benchtop Ionizer (770116770117)
    Continuously monitor your entire ESD process control system throughout all stages of manufacturing, including worksurfaces, metal tools, operators, static fields, ESD events and ionizer performance
  • NEW Online Interface
    The web-based application offers remote access from any tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone on the network 
  • NEW Structured as an application programming interface (API)
    To offer easy integration with third party applications
  • NEW Troubleshooting feature
    Allows customers to input their own solutions for ongoing problems
  • NEW Translation feature
    Offers the entire app translated to Spanish (more languages coming soon)
  • NEW Database conversion app
    Offers an easy upgrade path to the new software
  • NEW Monitor Configuration
    Adjust the limits for any device (WS Aware, EM Aware & Ground Master) within the app
  • The SMP Web App Views include:
    • Dashboard – See the status of the entire facility clearly color coded and organized by building, room and line. The entire table is hyperlinked, allowing a quick and easy drill down to rooms or even one line.
    • Layout – A blueprint of the facility is uploaded and icons representing various SCS monitoring devices are placed in the appropriate positions. NOW the monitors can be relocated without having to reimport the facility layout. The monitors are color coded depending on status and hyperlinked to the individual devices.
    • Device – Continuously streams real-time information from a particular monitoring device and shows a list of recent alarms for the device
    • Reports – Summary reports show aggregate data for any area in the facility, over any specified time period. Faults are categorized by type and duration. All reports can NOW be printed to PDF from the app.
    • Alarms – A list of recent alarms for all devices in the facility is present on the right side of most pages. Once addressed, alarms can be cleared from this view at discretion.
    • Calibration – Color coded calibration reports help identify which monitors are within or out of calibration.
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