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66080-ROLL, STATFREE T2, RUBBER, DRK GREY, 1.5 MM x 600 MM x 12.2 M

66080-ROLL, STATFREE T2, RUBBER, DRK GREY, 1.5 MM x 600 MM x 12.2 M              

66080 - Statfree T2™ Dissipative Dual Layer Rubber Roll, 1.5mm x 610mm x 12.2m, Dark Grey

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  • Durable rubber material, dissipative on one side and conductive on the other
    Versatile and long-lasting product; use as a dissipative worksurface table mat. Bottom conductive layer provides reliable path to ground, compatible for use with continuous monitors
  • Dissipative worksurface - 1 x 106 to < 1 x 109 ohms RTT
    Slows charge removal; meets minimum recommended worksurface requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 and recommendations of ESD 4.1
  • Lightly embossed surface
    Easier to clean than vinyl mats; excellent coefficient friction for handling electronic products
  • 100% Premium Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
    Excellent value providing long-lasting, good-looking life; consistent electrical properties; will never delaminate; can also be taped or glued down
  • Superior heat, chemical and wear resistance
    Excellent choice in soldering and other challenging manufacturing environments.
    Click Here for Chemical Resistance Chart
  • Top of mat kits laser engraved with ESD protective symbol & manufacturer
    Identifies ESD protective product for control & auditing purposes
  • Non-humidity dependence
    Provides consistent electrical performance regardless of ambient humidity
  • Lead-free RoHS compliant
  • Superior limited lifetime warranty
    Electricals guaranteed for the life of the mat
  • Grounding Hardware not included
  • Made in the United States of America

RTT: 10E6 - 10E8 (Dissipative Side) and <10E4 (Conductive Side) Ohms per ESD S4.1
RTG: 10E6 - 10E8 (Dissipative Side) and <10E4 (Conductive Side) Ohms per ESD S4.1
Thickness: 0.060" (1.5mm)

Per ESD Association: "The most important functional consideration for worksurfaces is the RTG resistance from the top of the surface to the groundable point." ANSI/ESD S20.20 Table 1 recommends a requirement of less than 1 x 10E9 ohms. "If Charged Device Model damage is a concern then setting a lower resistance limit should be considered. Typically, 1 x 10E6 ohms." "Durability factors that should be considered are hardness, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, etc. Worksurfaces may require special heat resistant materials. Light reflection may be an important ergonomic consideration." (Ref: TR 20.20 section 5.3.1).

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  • TB-2000 - Installation and Maintenance of ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Protective Worksurfaces
  • PM-104 - Statfree T2 Material