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Example of an EPA - ESD Protected Area

Example of an EPA number1 number2 number3 number4 number5 number6 number7 number8 number9 number10 number11 number12 Floor Mats Wrist Straps Foot Grounders Smocks Floor Maintenance Binders & Sheet Protectors

1. Bench Top Ionizers                        10. ESD Protected Area
2. Continuous Monitors                            Access Control
3. Meters and Measurement              11. Signs & Labels
4. ESD Tape                                      l12. Aisle Marking Tape
5. Worksurface Mats                          13. Floor Mats
6. Surface Resistance Meters          Wl14. Wrist Straps
7. Ground Cords                                l15. Foot Grounders
8. Overhead Ionizers                        W16. Smocks
9. Shielding Bags                              ll17. Floor Maintenance
                                                          ll18. Binders & Sheet Protectors

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