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a.) Is ESD typically measured in volts or kv?

b.) W...

1964846% Device Sensitivity, ANSI/ESD S20.20 3/20/2007


Question 1) Can human body becomes stati...

100% Tribocharging 4/10/2007
1235 Greetings.

Question) Why there are two differenc...
100% Standards 4/10/2007
1241 While transferring a circuit card to another area. Is there ... 0% Floors, Foot Wear, Wrist Straps 6/6/2007
1248 How do I test my ESD Wrist Strap to see if it's functioning ... 0% Standards, Test Equipment, Wrist Straps 8/13/2007
1250 Our grounding for Human and Machine is separate. What is the... 84% Grounding, Wrist Straps 8/26/2007
1252 If foot grounders are being used as a primary path to ground... 0% Floor Finish, Foot Grounders, Grounding 8/31/2007
1253 Applications engineering:

I am looking for a perforat...
0% Mats, Materials, Miscellaneous 9/12/2007
1254 We build shufflers at our facility that use PC Boards. ... 0% Mats, Materials, Miscellaneous 9/13/2007
1261 Hi:

I want to know the precaution to prevent ESD/ CDM...
20% Device Sensitivity, ESD Control Program, ANSI/ESD S20.20 11/5/2007
1262 Normally the wrist strap are using soft ground i... 0% ESD Control Program, Failure Analysis, Grounding 11/7/2007
1264 In trying to "insist" that wrist straps be used by the engin... 0% Device Sensitivity, Wrist Straps, Myths 12/6/2007
1274 How do your constant monitors handle leakage current from te... 80% Electric Fields, Monitoring, Test Equipment, Office Environment 12/28/2007
1275 How do we know wh... 100% Costs Benefits, Education 1/4/2008
1277 Dear Sir: 
Our wrist strap and footwear limit has b...
0% Foot Grounders, Test Equipment, Wrist Straps 1/10/2008
1278  Is there an ANSI or ESDA requirement fo... 0% Audits, Monitoring, Wrist Straps 1/14/2008
1279 My colleague said “it won’t be ESD safe unless the package i... 0% Packaging, Resistance, Shielding, Ground Cords 1/18/2008
1280 Can we choose esd program as part of cost reduction in ... 0% Handling, Shielding, ROI 1/21/2008
1281 How does an Ionizer Reduce Sta... 84% Insulators, Ionization, Static Electricity 1/30/2008
  • Do your continuous moni...
  • 0% Foot Grounders, Foot Wear, Monitoring 2/1/2008