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Terms and Conditions


The prices on this web site supersede all previous prices and may change without notice. All prices are Net and are subject to the following terms:

SHIPPING CHARGES: All shipments are EXWORKS FACTORY. Purchaser is therefore responsible for both shipping charges and damage to goods in transit. Note that freight charges are based on weight AND volume. Assembled items take up a greater shipping volume and are typically charged at a higher freight rate than items shipped flat. Purchaser must specify a freight carrier (if other than UPS) at time the order is placed. DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha will prepay UPS shipments and the cost of freight will be added to each invoice unless otherwise specified. NOTE: Request to ship UPS 1st, 2nd, or 3rd day is a method of shipment and does not imply any expediting of order processing by DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha. For non-UPS shipments, the order will be shipped freight collect or third party billing at purchaser's option. Purchaser is responsible for and agrees to pay (1) charges disallowed or billed back to DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha by third parties when purchaser has specified third party billing and (2) charges billed to Desco for corrections made by the carrier including address corrections. Some carriers may not be available to be used by DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha. Purchaser will be notified if an alternate carrier is required.

INSURING YOUR SHIPMENT: You are responsible for your shipment once it leaves the F.O.B. point. We recommend that you insure all shipments, especially those with fragile items such as rigid mats (Micastat), liquids (cleaners, floor care, and paint products), and electronic equipment. The cost to insure a UPS shipment is minimal. Call or eMail Customer Service for more information. The buyer is responsible for uninsured lost or damaged shipments.

PAYMENT TERMS: Payments must be made by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) Wire Transfer to our bank in Japan in USD. For orders under $500 USD, Desco Asia will add a $50 handling charge to the invoice.




Saving Account: 066 0142768

SPECIAL MANUFACTURED ITEMS: Are available on a per-order basis only. Contact Customer Service for applicable minimum quantity and order amount. First article approval is required. Actual quantity shipped and invoiced may be +/- 10%. Special manufactured items are not returnable for credit.

SHORT SHIPMENT & PRICING CLAIMS: All claims pertaining to invoices (including short shipments, pricing discrepancies, freight charges, etc.) must be made in writing within 45 days of the invoice date. Claims must include copy of original PO, PO number, invoice number, and invoice date. All claims must be approved by Desco Industries.

DAMAGE CLAIMS: DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha will not issue credit, or take responsibility for merchandise lost or damaged by the carrier, unless insurance is requested at the time of order. Such insurance is the responsibility of purchaser and will be included with freight cost on the invoice. Purchaser holds title to the goods once DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha has delivered them to the carrier, and is therefore responsible for settling all damage or loss claims with carriers. DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha will assist purchaser in any reasonable manner to establish damage claims with common carriers.

EXPEDITED ORDERS: DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha does not offer any expedited or rush services on orders. All purchase orders are processed in the order they are received. Orders processed on any DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha E-Commerce site go directly into DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha queue and may be processed before written orders sent at the same time.

FORCE MAJEURE: DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha shall not be liable for any delay in delivery or for non-delivery, in whole or in part, caused by the occurrence of any event beyond the reasonable control of DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha. If such event occurs, DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha may allocate production and deliveries among its customers.

BTO: (Built-To-Order) items are available on a per-order basis only. Contact Customer Service to check before ordering any BTO item. Some inventory may be in stock. Actual quantity shipped and invoiced may be +/- 10%. Build-to-Order Items are covered by Limited Warranty for defects in material and labor only, and are not returnable.

WSL: (While Stock Last) items are available ONLY while existing stock lasts and may be discontinued when stock is depleted.

CANCELLING ORDERS: Requests to cancel orders must be approved by DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha. A request for cancellation and the reason for the cancellation can be sent to Customer Service. No cancellation will be honored without an emailed response from DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha. Orders invoiced prior to a cancellation request will be subjected to the terms for returned merchandise.

NORMAL DELIVERY: Most orders ship from the factory within one week. An email confirmation will be sent to you with shipment dates, once your order has been processed. To obtain accurate inventory levels we suggest checking the web site for current information. 

PARTIAL SHIPMENTS: Partial shipments will be made unless the order specifies that the order is to ship complete.

CREDIT HOLD: New distributor orders will not be accepted or entered into the queue if any invoices are past due. Promised deliveries for existing orders will be moved to the end of the queue if any invoices become past due. Past due amounts may be subject to late fees and/or additional service charges may be applied at DII's discretion

GUARANTEE: We make every effort to see to it that our products are of the highest quality and meet all appropriate recognized industry standards. Since we cannot guarantee that all products are applicable to all situations and that the data we provide from many sources is reliable and accurate for all situations, our lawyers want you to know that ...All statements, technical data, and recommendations contained herein are based upon tests we believe to be reliable. However, the accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed. The proper and correct application of products and data is the responsibility of the user. The following is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied:

DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha's only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective. DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of or the inability to use the product. Before using, users shall determine the suitability of the product for their intended use, and users assume all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

No statement or recommendation not contained herein shall have any force or effect unless embodied in a written agreement signed by authorized officers of Desco Industries, Inc.

LIMITED WARRANTY: Desco Asia expressly warrants that for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, Desco Asia products will be free of defects in material (parts) and workmanship (labor). Within the warranty period, a unit will be tested, repaired or replaced at Desco Asia's option, free of charge. Contact Customer Service for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) and proper shipping instructions and address. Please include a copy of your original packing slip, invoice, or other proof of date of purchase. Any unit under warranty should be shipped prepaid to the Desco Asia factory. Warranty replacements will take approximately two weeks. NOTE: A number of Desco Asia products have a longer than one-year limited warranty.

If your unit is out of warranty, Contact Customer Service for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) and proper shipping instructions and address. We will quote repair charges necessary to bring your unit up to factory standards. Ask about our Exchange for "New" Program.

WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS: THE FOREGOING EXPRESS WARRANTY IS MADE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER PRODUCT WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED AND IMPLIED, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WHICH ARE SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMED. The express warranty will not apply to defects or damage due to accidents, neglect, misuse, alterations, operator error, or failure to properly maintain, clean or repair products.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY: In no event will Desco Asia or any seller be responsible or liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of or the inability to use the product. Before using, users shall determine the suitability of the product for their intended use, and users assume all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

For more information about our terms and conditions, please contact Customer Service.

RETURNS FOR CREDIT: All returns for credit will be issued at the discretion of Desco Asia. Returns for credit will include a 25% restocking fee on all items and fees for re-packaging. A RMA must be obtained from Desco Asia before any return for credit will be allowed.

RETURNS FOR REPAIR OR RECALIBRATION: A RMA must be received and included with any unit returned for repair or calibration. End users can contact DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha at for a quote on the cost for calibration or repair of a product. Please include the product number, serial number and description of the problem. In some cases DESCO JAPAN Kabushiki Kaisha may not be able to repair or calibrate an item. In such cases Desco Asia will offer an upgrade to a current item of similar function.

PRODUCT CONTENT: Some new Desco Asia products and/or the content of some Desco Asia products may contain product that has been previously used and/or recycled. This content has been thoroughly tested to perform as good as, or better than, new product and is verified to perform as new. All products sold as new carry New Product Warranties.


POLICY STATEMENT: Desco Asia's commitment and strategy is to ensure that a committed distributor partner is fully involved with any customer who receives technical demonstrations or products as samples. The Distributor partner is best equipped to fully service the customer with inventory, local service and support. Desco Asia's role will be to provide onsite technical back up if required. Our policy is therefore based on the concept that potential customers should not be shown products unless those products are available from the Distributor partner's stock.

SAMPLES: Desco Asia will replace Distributor stock used for samples at no charge when the distributor supplies the following information:

  1. Contact name, company name, addresses phone/fax numbers and e-mail address of the customer-evaluator.
  2. Part number and quantity of the sampled item that customer is forecasted to purchase upon successful evaluation of the sample.
  3. Estimated purchase date.

Samples can also be shipped directly from the factory, solely at Desco Asia's discretion. Direct shipments may be made directly to customers or to sales representatives or distributors for delivery to customers. Desco Asia will not be responsible for shipping, duties, or costs associated with shipments. All such requests should include the same information as noted above.

DEMOS: Demonstration units are available. Contact Customer Service for details.


Desco Asia has a cooperative advertising/rebate program available to distributors for advertising, catalogs, and sales promotions. The program must be preapproved in writing. Contact Desco Asia's marketing department for more information.





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